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Where possible I have given photo credits. For those I have over looked I hope I have not given offence. Most of the rehearsal photos are my own taken with a simple point and shoot camera.

WELCOME - CROESO to my website. I hope you enjoy it. Rather than being an advertisement for employment, the aim of this site is to give a snapshot of a fairly typical career of a designer trained in the 1960's, through images, lists and comments. It is arranged in chronological order but of course that does not have to be followed.  

I have been very lucky, having been able to make a living working in both theatre and television, a job I loved between 1966 -2010.

I have now added a new page: ‘Pre-college Years’. where I have tried to describe my background in greater depth and how it influenced to way I approached my work and trace the way I came into this profession almost by chance. On the Where I am now page I show some of the painting and drawings that occupy more of my time now, but don’t expect to much, I see myself as a ‘Sunday’ painter though I do work on other days as well!

CAD models, has been added, or click on the Theatre tab and scroll down.

Stage design, by its nature dates very quickly, leaving behind nothing but memories and rather too much waste material and on this site I have tried to assemble what remains: the sketches and photos in an attempt to give a flavour of my work. My style fell into the mainstream, by this I mean designs done for established companies and I always tried to be true to the text: the visual side illuminating: not dominating. I stay engaged with contemporary design despite being geographically remote by seeing as much as possible and being a member of the SBTD committee.

There is less television work on the site, in spite of the fact that 1984 - 2010 it dominated my output. By its nature the preparation work is more to do with lists and notes and less about models and drawings and therefore less suited to public display. There is however a section on two of the more spectacular productions I have been involved in: namely ‘Hedd Wyn’ and ‘Jeux Sans Frontieres’

Lastly, I have had a couple of small exhibitions locally, recently. The first a retrospective of theatre work done for the Welsh theatre companies I have worked for since moving here in 1973 at Galeri 45 in Bangor. This was followed by one at Crochendy Bethesda Pottery of my paintings and drawings of Bethesda.



Lyceum, Edinburgh

Opera House, Harrogate

Liverpool Playhouse Playhouse

Theatr Cymru

Hwyl a Fflag

Theatr Gwynedd

Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru

Where I am now

CAD models


The genisis of ‘Llyfr Mawr y Plant’, the last full scale theatre production I designed at Theatr Gwynedd in 2008