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Where possible I have given photo credits. For those I have over looked I hope I have not given offence. Most of the rehearsal photos are my own taken with a simple point and shoot camera.

Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru   Hen Rebel 2005 and Cysgod y Cryman 2007

 ‘Hen Rebel’

Images of the model and rehearsal photos.

Director: Cefin Roberts

Lighting: Ace MacCarron

Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru.

Hen Rebel 2005 and Cysgod y Cryman 2007

‘Hen Rebel‘ was the first production that I designed for Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru,(The Welsh Language National Theatre). It was a musical based on the 1904 Welsh Religious Revival. It was to tour the main stage of Wales. I had worked with both Cefin Roberts (director) and Valmai Jones (writer) previously and so we knew how each other worked. The design and the writing were developed together over a considerable time. The play demanded many locations, from numerous chapels, a railway station, a pub and clothes shop. Pervading it all was the atmosphere of industrial Wales at the turn of the century. The textures of the set suggested the general feeling while more specific information was provided by a framed projection screen which hung high upstage. Furniture was minimal and when not in use was stored on stage.

Cysgod y Cryman

By Sion Eirian

Directed by Cefin Roberts

Cysgod y Cryman was a very challenging play to design, containing as it did so many scenes ranging from two farms in Mid Wales to Bangor University. Flying scenery was not an option as at least one venue was with out a fly tower. A 20’ revolve was settled on which worked a dream, being surprisingly quick to install and was completely silent. On it was built a stepped spiral ramp. Upstage was suspended a large front projection screen -no depth for BP - onto which were shown doctored location scenes. Below are three images taken during the dress rehearsal and the model and some costume sketches.