Ffilmiau’r Nant / EBU

Directed by Robin Evans


This was a big project. A huge challenge but with hind sight, great fun. In the current climate it would be impossible to mount, but it was a different era then. Tastes have changed radically and what seemed fun then would look very dated now. It was a child of it’s time.

Ffilmiau’r Nant, for S4C produced four series of the programme jointly with the EBU (European Broadcasting Union). Robin Evans and Susan Waters were the producers and had built up a wealth of experience from the previous two series before I joined the team for the last two. Robin was also the director. It was a real joint effort.

It was of course a multi-national enterprise with eight countries including Wales involved This to me very much added to the attraction of the programme.

The brief was to design mad cap games; not my natural sphere, but with a lot of help and encouragement all round we got there. All the time you had to be aware that every game had to be  really physical, that every prop had to be multiplied x 8 and there was no time to try the games in advance bar about a day before recording when all the teams converged on the location and mayhem broke out.

Once the ideas were in place the real work began. The secret was to choose the contractors carefully, give clear plans, encourage them on their way and make sure that everything arrived on time and fitted together. Easier said than done, and there were moments of panic. I was very lucky in that most of the key people had been involved in the first two series and new what to expect.

The backcloth to the White Knights game that Jackie Burgess painted so magnificently

The main contractors were:

Set:  Cainc & Stageworks

Scaffolding: Serious Structures

Pools: Clwyd Pools

Inflatables: Boing

Props:  Cod Steaks & Merculo

Painting: Chris Green & Jackie Burgess

Steel work :Mackenzie Brown

Jeux Sans Frontiers

Gemau Heb Ffiniau


Best design

Won jointly with

Jane Roberts



Martin Morley

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