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Where possible I have given photo credits. For those I have over looked I hope I have not given offence. Most of the rehearsal photos are my own taken with a simple point and shoot camera.

‘Arms and the Man’

Diploma show: Wimbledon School of Art 1966

My transition from college to the professional world


‘Arms and the Man’ by Bernard Shaw Act 2

Model: top left and above, a series of production   


Students of The Webber Douglas School of Drama

Catherine        Mary Holland

Petkoff            David White

Nicola             George Erskine

Bluntschli        Andrew Dallmeyer

Raina             Judith Israel

Sergius           Christopher Galloway

Directed by

Peter Bucknell


Looking at these student efforts now of my first attempt at a realized production I am amazed at how scruffy they are, and yet they have a freshness that I often find hard to replicate today. I know what I was trying to convey. When I was working on it Negri said ,’draw on what you know’. The design was based on a love of Alpine buildings and also I was very influenced by an exhibition I had recently seen at the Edinburgh Festival of Yugoslav Primitive art. I wanted to steer clear of elaborate ‘theatrical’ costumes and give them a homely but slightly caricatured feel. My interpretation of the model looks timid to me now, un textured and under dressed, the painting round the door is very perfunctory, in reality it would have been much richer. The fault was in trying to follow the model slavishly rather than developing it in the execution. Comparing the two photos above it is obvious to me that I lost some of the incidental character in the model as I did not realise that the way it had warped had actually added to it. I consciously kept it very simple, relying on the silhouette to convey the character.




Early atmospheric study