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Where possible I have given photo credits. For those I have over looked I hope I have not given offence. Most of the rehearsal photos are my own taken with a simple point and shoot camera.

The Stage August 9th 1968

‘Daughter-in-Law’ at Harrogate Festival

THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW, regarded by many as the best of D H Lawrence’s plays, which Harrogate Repertory are presenting as one of the Harrogate Festival of Arts and Sciences attractions, is a moving story of human emotions, set in Nottinghamshire at the turn of the century, and largely concerned with an over protective mother and her two sons.

Janet Lees Price plays the part of Minnie, the daughter-in-law with sensitive understanding of her distraught husband and of her mother-in-law’s hard and uncompromising nature. As Luther, Keith Taylor gives a notable study of a character struggling to escape, and who in the end, realises the meaning of love. As his brother Joe, Paul Greenwood shows a quiet sense of humour which helps to lighten the hardness of the family, and Jean Rimmer as Mrs Gascoigne, conveys the grimness of life and mother love with deep feeling, allied to practicality in ministering to her sons’ needs. Norma Peggie contributes a quiet impression as Mrs Purdy, a neighbour with a grievance.

The production by Brian Howard merits generous praise for the play runs with commendable smoothness and the settings of two kitchens of long ago are a tribute to Martin Morley



  Revival of play by D.H.Lawrence.

Presented at Harrogate Opera House on August 9 1968, as part of the Harrogate Festival of Arts and Sciences, Designed by Martin Morley; stage director Brian Bolingbroke.

Mrs, Gascoigne ………..Jean Rimmer

Joe Gascoigne……..Paul Greenwood

Mrs.Purdy………………Norma Peggie

Minnie Gascoigne…Janet Lees Price

Luther Gascoigne……….Keith Taylor

    Directed by Brian Howard